Polystyrene Paneltech Aqua EKO EPS 035 - lambda 0.035

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Polystyrene Paneltech Aqua EKO EPS 035 - lambda 0.035

Polystyrene Paneltech Aqua EKO EPS 035 - lambda 0.035

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Polystyrene plates EPS 035 TERRA AQUA EKO made of expanded polystyrene with the addition of hydrophobic means, minimizing their ionity with water. As a result, they are used for insulation of places requiring heavy mechanical loads and in direct contact with water and

  • insulation of basement walls and foundations and co-ordain,
  • insulation of parking lots, driveways and heavily loaded terraces,
  • insulation in road, rail and engineering construction,
  • insulation of full roofs,
  • insulation of rooms with high humidity.

Plate thickness: 10 – 300 mm (every 10mm)
Plate width: 500 mm
Plate length: 1000 mm
Custom dimensions to order.
Straight or milled edges - the surcharge for milled polystyrene is PLN 7 gross/m3

The stated priceis the gross price per m3 of polystyrene on direct delivery from the manufacturer - up to 100km from the factory (Chorzów).

The logistical minimum is 30m3 polystyrene.

Other quantities - price on request

Technical specifications of EPS 035 TERRA AQUA EKO boards:

ThicknessT1±1 mm
LengthL2±2 mm
WidthW2±2 mm
RectangularityS5±5 mm
FlatnessP10±10 mm
Bending strengthBS170≥170 kPa
Compressive stress at 10 % relative deformationCS(10)120≥120 kPa
Dimensional stability under normal laboratory conditionsDS(N)2±0.2%
Dimensional stability under specified temperature and humidity conditionsDS(70,-)1≤1%
Deformation under specified compressive load and temperature conditionsDLT(1)5≤5%
Water ionity with prolonged total immersionWLT(1)≤1%
Water ionity with prolonged partial immersion Wlp≤0.1 kg/m²
Reaction to fire classThat
Declared heat conductivity λD≤0.035(W/(mK)


Heat transfer coefficient
lambda 0.035 W/mK
Water inginess
WL(T) ≤0.7 %
Compressive stress
CS(10)120 kPa

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