Nadproża HELUZ 23,8 b - 175
    • Nadproża HELUZ 23,8 b - 175

    Seam HELUZ 23.8 b - 175

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    Seam HELUZ 23.8 b - 175

    Seam HELUZ 23.8 b - 175

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    Seam HELUZ 23.8 b - 175

    Dimensions (long x width x high):1 750 x 70 x 238 mm
    Mass:62 Kg
    Tensile strength class:0 MPa
    Pcs. on pallet 118x100:20


    For the seams above the openings for doors and windows in the interior and external walls.

    Load-bearing HELUZ are used as pyjamas above doors and window openings in interior and external walls. These pyjamas can be combined with thermal insulation to achieve even better thermal insulation properties.


    • the pythalprobes are fully statically load-bearing - after deposition in cement mortar
    • in the perimeter wall, these pyjamas are combined with thermal insulation – elimination of thermal bridges
    • easy manipulation allows manual installation, saves time and money
    • visible parts of the watershed have a ceramic finish - a suitable substrate for plasters
    • the shape of the ceramic elements of the seam allows to check and complete the raw state after correct arrangement of the
    • simple design in a comprehensive HELUZ with 250 mm module

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