Pustak ceramiczny 30cm
    • HELUZ PUSTAK 497 x 115 x 238 mm
    • Pustak ceramiczny 30cm

    HELUZ UNI 30cm P+W 247 x 300 x 238 mm

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    HELUZ UNI 30cm P+W 247 x 300 x 238 mm

    HELUZ UNI 30cm P+W 247 x 300 x 238 mm

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    HELUZ UNI 30

    Dimensions (Length xSz.xWys):247 x 300 x 238 mm
    Weight: 12.3 Kg
    Compressive strength class: 10.0 MPa
    Heat transfer coefficient U1: 0.31 W/m2K
    Thermal resistance R2: 3.09 m2K/W
    Block consumption per m2: 16
    Block consumption per m3: 53.3
    Pcs. on pallet 118x100: 96

    Price for whole car orders (20 pallets, also MIX), the price includes the delivery of blocks for construction by TIR car to the province - Lower Silesia, Opole, Silesia and Malopolska
    (it is necessary to be able to reach this type of car for construction).

    You get starter mortar and a choice of mounting foam or adhesive for the installation of blocks.

    The use of foam or glue instead of traditional mortar significantly accelerates construction time and reduces the number of workers needed during construction and, most importantly, prevents the formation of thermal bridges.
    How to properly build with warm you can see by clicking the link - http://bit.ly/2FKtOOP
    NOTE: Prices need to be confirmed


    247 x 300 x 238 mm
    Consumption per m2
    16 pcs./m2
    12.5 Kg
    Heat transfer coefficient
    0.56 W/m2K
    Consumption per m3
    53.3 pcs./m3
    Number of pieces per pallet
    96 pcs.
    Sound insulation RA1R [dB]
    52 dB
    Thermal resistance
    1.6 m2K/W
    Thickness of the blocks
    300 mm

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