Składana miarka drewniana PRO | 2m
    • Składana miarka drewniana PRO | 2m

    Folding wooden scoop PRO | 2m

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    Folding wooden scoop PRO | 2m

    Folding wooden scoop PRO | 2m

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    Wooden, folding scoop with a length of one meter from PRO

    The most important features of the folding scoop are:

    • Made of high quality beech wood.
    • Double-sided scale in millimeters.
    • The ability to draw a continuous line without faults at the point of joint connection.
    • The robust connection of the arms of the measure and thanks to the spring-loaded folding mechanism, unfolding the measure is more convenient.
    • A protractor is placed to position the arms at an angle of 15°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°.
    • Anti-corrosion brass coating ends.
    • All measures PRO, due to the type of coating used, are environmentally friendly.

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