Miarka zwijana o długości 5m z hamulcem
    • Miarka zwijana o długości 5m z hamulcem

    Collapsible measure PRO | 5m

    VAT included

    5m retract scoop


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    Collapsible measure PRO | 5m

    Collapsible measure PRO | 5m

    5m retract scoop

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    Ergonomic, collapsible 5-meter measure.

    Different colors

    • Two functional brakes: ratchet and bottom.
    • The shape and markings of the cassette allow you to measure the length from the back of the tape housing.
    • Movable, reinforced tape clip.
    • A measure equipped with a bumper that absorbs the impact of the tape when collapsing.
    • Durable metal strap clip.
    • Hook on nails and screws.
    • Comfortable rubber hand strap.
    • Graduation in class II accuracy.
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