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Drain pipe 4m Proaqua PVC GRAFIT | 90 mm

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Drain pipe 90


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Drain pipe 4m Proaqua PVC GRAFIT | 90 mm

Drain pipe 4m Proaqua PVC GRAFIT | 90 mm

Drain pipe 90

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Drain pipe 4m long and 90mm wide Proaqua gutter system in GRAPHITE colour (RAL 7016)

The gutter drain pipe is a vertical component of the system that drains water from the chute.

What is the character of the Proaqua gutter system?

  • Easy and fast installation

ProAqua is a m.in. hinged clamp, an o-ring to prevent the bolt from falling out of the drain pipe clamp, indicators (arrows) that indicate the direction of installation, the possibility of fastening the gutter from the side of the pin or wall, the connection to the gutter handle, which creates a lock to prevent the gutter from unscrewing when the system is mounted. This is why installation is so easy

  • Water stopwatch

Water stopwatch is a special protection that prevents water overwatering - so it protects the façade from dirt - and stiffenes the chute.

  • Reliable tightness

Designed specifically for the ProAqua system, the three-layer seal is up to 50% more effective than the popular two-layer seal on the market. Seals are used in drain hoppers, gutter fittings, corners and bottoms.

  • High resistance to external factors

ProAqua has high resistance to temperature changes and UV rays.

  • Safe product

In the process of preparing PVC mixtures for the gutter system, as one of the first in Poland, we used lead-free solutions, as well as environment-saving calcium-zinc stabilizers. This makes the manufacture and use of our products completely safe.

  • For home and industry

ProAqua is available in three sizes: for home - 75/63 and 125/90 (110) and for industry and multi-sized facilities - 150/110.

  • Recommended by roofers

ProAqua was created together with roofers and roofers. It's a product of every professional.

  • Safe transport and storage
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