Śnieżka Supermal - Oil-Phthalthal Enamel - LIGHT NUT F555 | 5l

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Śnieżka Supermal - Oil-Phthalthal Enamel - LIGHT NUT F555 | 5l

Śnieżka Supermal - Oil-Phthalthal Enamel - LIGHT NUT F555 | 5l

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SUPERMAL® Oil-phthal enamel is used for decorative and protective painting of wood, wood-based materials, plasters and steel and cast iron elements used inside and outside the premises, such as: windows, doors, furniture, fences, lanterns, etc. Recommended for use in living quarters, intended for permanent residence of patients in health buildings and for permanent residence of children and young people in educational buildings, as well as in premises intended for the storage of food products (without direct contact with food).

Key features of the product:

  • enamel resistant to disinfectants
  • meets the requirements of public spaces and health care
  • hard-to-inflame coating - flammability class D-s1, d0
  • resistant to mechanical and atmospheric agents
  • durable and vivid colors
  • excellent performance and opacity

Preparation of the substrate before applying the preparation Snieżka Supermal:

  • the substrate should be dry without rust, dust, grease and other contaminants
  • wash the nutritious and greasy places with extraction petrol
  • new wooden surfaces and wood-like materials it is recommended to paint Śnieżka wood primer
  • wooden surfaces particularly exposed to weather ingress before primer paint should be additionally painted with a colourless VIDARON wood impregnation
  • prime new metal surfaces with quick- Śnieżka Urekor S
  • damaged coatings of oil paints badly adhering to the substrate remove, clean from rust, dirt and other impurities, if necessary, smudge cavities, exposed substrate primed
  • good quality old coatings matte with fine-grained sandpaper and dust off

Preparation of the product before application:

  • mix the enaly carefully
  • dilute with phthalated and oil solvent or lactic gasoline for working viscosity, if necessary

Supermal emulsion application:

  • painted at 20°C. above +10°C and air humidity below 80%, flat brush with soft bristles, sponge roller (flock) or spray
  • apply the next layer after about 24 hours (low temperature and high humidity prolongs the dry time)
  • wash the tools in an oil-phthal, universal or lactic gasoline dilution after painting


Packaging capacity
5 l
How to use the app
flat brush with soft bristles, sponge roller (flock) or by spraying

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