BIELINKA LATEX 2000 - lateksowa do wnętrz i na zewnątrz | 5l
    • BIELINKA LATEX 2000 - lateksowa do wnętrz i na zewnątrz | 5l

    BIELINKA LATEX 2000 - latex for interior and outdoor | 5l

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    BIELINKA LATEX 2000 - latex for interior and outdoor | 5l

    BIELINKA LATEX 2000 - latex for interior and outdoor | 5l

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    LATEX 2000 MAT Bielinka – a snow-white, high-quality latex paint, designed for internal and external painting, giving high resistance to repeated washing and scrubbing. Designed for decorative and protective painting of walls and ceilings in living, office, public, industrial, health care facilities, also in the food industry, excluding direct contact with food, etc. Recommended for rooms where there are frequent dirt. It can be used in rooms with increasedhumidity. The matt coating obtained by the paint exposes the structure of the substrate. This allows you to apply paint not only to traditional substrates such as cement-lime plasters, concrete substrates, plasterboard, but to substrates whose structure we want to expose, for example, embossed wallpaper, fiberglass. Creates coatings, well attached to the substrate, resistant to abrasion, which thanks to the microporous structure allow the substrate to "breathe"

    Key features of the product:

    • & WHITE


    • Drywall, cement plasters, limestone and cement-lime plasters, gypsum and gypsum plasters – limestone, dry plasters, non-plastered brick and stone walls and any other building surfaces after priming with a priming emulsion – reinforcing acrylic soil CONCENTRATE or DEEP PENETRATING Acrylic Primer
    • Wood and all wood-resistant materials after impregnation
    • Wallpapers, cardboard
    • Metal elements after primed with anti-corrosion paint
    • Substrates coated with old paint coatings after prior cleaning and priming with a primer emulsion – strengthening Acrylic soil CONCENTRATE or Acrylic soil DEEPLY PENETRATE

    Paint application:

    The substrate to be painted should be strong, even, free of dust, dust and grease. The surfaces to be renovated must be additionally cleaned of flaky paint coatings, adhesive paints should be removed to the surface of the plaster and then washed off with water with the addition of detergents. Unevenness and cracks align with the finished filler mass ACRYLIC-MASA or FILLER MASS. The substrate should be strengthened with Acrylic Soil CONCENTRATE or DEEPLY PENETRATING Acrylic Soil. New, durable or very intense substrates are recommended to be painted with GRUNT Bielinka primer. Mushroomed areas, covered with mold, clean mechanically and soak with a fungicidal preparation, while remembering the need to remove the cause of the formation of fungi, mold, etc. For color-like substrates, one layer is recommended, substrates with intense colors or soiled may require a second layer. Application of the second layer can only occur after the first layer has dried. Avoid spilling the remnants of the used paint into fresh paint (as mold spores transferred by the painting tool from the painted wall can be introduced into it). The quality of the coating should be assessed after the paint has completely dried. Before use, the paint should be thoroughly mixed, diluted if necessary, adding up to 5% water (excessive dilution reduces opacity and abrasion resistance).



    Consumption per m2
    8-10 m2/1l
    drying time
    approx. 2-4 hours
    Application temperature
    +5 °C to +30 °C
    Packaging capacity
    5 l
    How to use the app
    brush, roller, spray

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