Płyta OSB gr 12
    • Płyta OSB gr 12

    Plate OSB gr 15

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    OSB plate Gr.15


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    Plate OSB gr 15

    Plate OSB gr 15

    OSB plate Gr.15

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    OSB boards are mainly used for:

    • the construction of rigid sheathings on roof ties forming a level playing field for primer or bituminous shingles [OSB-3 and OSB-4];

    • walls with a frame structure – steel or wood [OSB-3 and OSB-4];

    • the execution of floor cladding on joups [OSB-2, OSB-3 and OSB-4 in rooms with increased humidity];

    • installation of attic bevels [OSB-2, OSB-3 and OSB-4 in rooms with increased humidity];

    • skeletal structures of partition walls [OSB-2, OSB-3 and OSB-4 in rooms with increased humidity];

    • construction of roof ingresses [OSB-3 and OSB-4];

    • [OSB-4].

    Ideas for using OSB boards can be much more. Sometimes, for example, they are used as a finishing material in interiors. The plates are then painted with covering paints and even leave a characteristic view of the chips and only varnish.

    OSB PŁYTA 15
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