ISUM INFINITY TURBO - mounting adhesive | 430g

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    ISUM INFINITY TURBO - mounting adhesive | 430g

    ISUM INFINITY TURBO - mounting adhesive | 430g

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    ISUM INFINITY TURBO - glue for gluing everything, with everything, holds for years. Outdoors and indoors, UV-resistant and weatherproof. Permanently flexible, waterproof, odorless. Very strongly adhesive among others metal, stone, concrete, wood, OSB/MDF, glass, mirrors, ceramics, cork, clinker, PVC, glaze, polystyrene, G-K...


    • Gluing all kinds of products used in construction

    • Gluing mirrors, skirting slats, bird spikes.

    • Gluing of ceiling slats, corneas.

    Technical parameters:

    After-curing grip: 400000 kg/m²

    Operating temperature: 5°C to 30°C

    Working time (corrections): approx. 15 minutes

    Thermal resistance after curing: -40°C to 80°C

    Color: white

    Base: Ms Polymer

    How to use:
    1. Clean, deduce and dry the glued surfaces.
    2. Apply at right angles to the surface by "shuffled" the tip of the glued element so that the adhesive trace is laid out in the letter V. Apply strips on one of the glued surfaces.
    3. Apply the glued elements to each other, then press very firmly, evenly.


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