KABE KOMBI ELASTO - Filler mass for polystyrene | 20kg

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    Putty mass for polystyrene KABE

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    KABE KOMBI ELASTO - Filler mass for polystyrene | 20kg

    KABE KOMBI ELASTO - Filler mass for polystyrene | 20kg

    Putty mass for polystyrene KABE

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    The most important features of dispersion, cement-free putty for STYROFOAM KOMBI ELASTO:

    • High resistance to mechanical damage (toughness)
    • Very good flexibility and resistance to scratches
    • No run-off from the vertical surface
    • High adhesion to polystyrene
    • Easy app
    • No ground required for plaster
    • Microfibre reinforced

    Application of Elasto mass:

    Ready-to-use cement-free putty mass for mesh-reinforced glass fibres in the THERM ELASTO KABE system*. Dispersive filler weight increases impact resistance and eliminates the need to prime before application of plasters Paint KABE. It is used in the technology of complex thermal insulation system of external walls of ETICS buildings.

    How to use KABE ELASTO COMBO

    PREPARATION OF THE SUBSTRATE: The substrate for the reinforcing layer must be supportive, dust-free, even and dry and free of non-stick substances. The substrate must be protected against capillary pull-up of moisture and against leakage of water from precipitation. Any loose, non-substrate layers need to be removed. The backing layers of the system must be made according to the technology of the complex thermal insulation system of the external walls of ETICS buildings.

    MASS PREPARATION: Immediately before use, mix thoroughly, dilute if necessary with water (using a maximum of 0.2 liters per 20 kg of weight).

    EXECUTION OF THE REINFORCED LAYER: First, strengthen the edges of the window and door openings by diagonally affixing (i.e. at an angle of 45°) in the corners of these holes a mesh of glass fibres (25 x 30 cm) using the filler mass of THE ELASTO COMBO. The reinforced layer can be made on the surface of aligned and cleaned (after grinding) polystyrene plates no earlier than 3 days after their gluing. For this purpose, apply the filler mass to the substrate with a continuous and even layer with a toothed trove 6÷8 mm in tooth size on the width of the reinforcing mesh. Then, in the applied layer of mass, immediately blend the mesh of glass fibers. The sunken mesh should be evenly tensioned and completely sunk into the mortar. After the mesh has been sunk, the entire surface of the layer must be carefully aligned, applying an additional portion of weight where necessary. Adjacent mesh strips should be glued to the plant not less than 10 cm. The remaining traces of the troph is recommended to be sanded with sandpaper. The thickness of the reinforced layer with one layer of mesh should be from 3 to 5 mm.

    DRYING: The drying period of the reinforced layer is min. 3 days (with drying at +20°C and relative air humidity of 65%). Until hardened, protect the layer from precipitation and moisture condensation. Note: Low temperature and high humidity can extend drying period up to several days.

    EXECUTION INSTRUCTIONS: In order to avoid cracks and irregularities, it is necessary to make a surface constituting a separate architectural whole in a single working cycle. During application and drying of the filler mass, rainless weather should occur with an air temperature from +10°C to +25°C. Wash immediately after the tool is finished with water. Avoid working on directly sunny surfaces, with strong winds and high humidity. In order to protect the unseen reinforced layer from the harmful effects of weather ingress, it is recommended to use suitable protective nets or tarpaulets on scaffolds. In the period of increased humidity, it is in early spring and late autumn, it is recommended to use mineral adhesive-putty mortar COMBO. Do not use on surfaces that are not protected against capillary pull-up and exposed to constant water and precipitation.



    Consumption per m2
    when making a single mesh reinforced layer approx. 4.0 kg/m2
    Base binder
    acrylic dispersion
    Application temperature
    +10°C to +25°C

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