BECKERS DESIGNER COLLECTION White - Ceramic paint | 10l

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    BECKERS DESIGNER COLLECTION White - Ceramic paint | 10l

    BECKERS DESIGNER COLLECTION White - Ceramic paint | 10l

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    BECKERS DESIGNER COLLECTION – high-end, water-dilutable, deep matt ceramic paint

    The most important features of ceramic BECKERS is:

    • Deep mat required for high standard interior finishing.
    • The product guarantees exceptional color depth.
    • Colors remain saturated over time.
    • Anti-reflective finish regardless of the angle of light.
    • Very good opacity even with dark colors.
    • The encapsulation technology used results in increased resistance to dirt
    • Highest resistance to wet washing and scrubbing (1st class, PN-EN 13300).
    • It forms an oleophobic coating that gives high resistance to greasy stains.
    • Ceramic microspheres provide increased resistance to abrasions.
    • Capacity up to 16 m2/l (single painting).

    Application BECKERS Designer Collection:
    For decorative and protective painting of walls and ceilings inside living, office and public spaces, including educational and health facilities (schools, kindergartens, crèches, hospitals, clinics, surgeries, operating rooms, treatment rooms, laboratories, dialysis stations, etc.) and service and production facilities, including the food industry excluding direct contact with food*. It can be used for painting drywall, gypsum plaster, cement-lime, decorative painting of concrete substrates, as well as for the renovation of old paints.

    Application of ceramic BECKERS Designer Collection:

    1. Preparation of the substrate:
      Painted surfaces: fresh mineral plasters and substrates can be painted after a minimum of 4 weeks of seasoning. Clean surfaces from dust and dirt, unevenness and cavities smooth with a putty. Then apply one layer of primer BECKERS Designer Primer.

      Previously painted surfaces: before painting, the surface should be washed off and de-susedated, remove flaky, loose fragments of the old coating. Glue and lime paints thoroughly remove. Prime the entire substrate with BECKERS Designer Primer.

      Important: The painted substrate must be strong and stable. In the case of loosely bound and absorbent substrates, prime the surface with BECKERS Max Primer. Surfaces prepared for painting should be smooth and of uniform absorbency. Remove the paint tape "wet".
    2. Product preparation:
      : Mix the paint thoroughly before painting. Apply 2 layers BECKERS Designer Collection with a brush or roller. For colors with a particularly low opacity, additional layers may need to be applied. Peel off the paint tape immediately after painting before the paint dries. It is recommended to use ANZA painting tools.
    3. Executive guidelines:
      The effect of removing dirt depends on many factors ( type of dirt, temperature and humidity of the painted room and substrate, substrate preparation, coating seasoning time, etc.) that can fundamentally affect the final appearance of the coating. Full wet scrubbing properties according to PN-EN 13300 are achieved 28 days after the completion of the painting work. For best results, refer to the dirt removal instructions.

      Do not use strong detergents. Intensive and repeated washing can damage the paint coating (e.g. loss of properties) and change the structure of the paint coating (e.g. change in gloss). Due to the presence of various types of dirt, dirt may appear, which will be difficult to remove from the surface of the paint. The smoothness of the substrate has a big impact on the removal of stains and dirt, the rougher, uneven the surface, the more difficult it is to remove stains and dirt.
    4. Consumption:
      Up to 16 m²/l for single painting. Performance largely depends on factors such as absorbency, substrate texture, application method, and color.


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