TIKKURILA OPTIVA 5 MATT - Latex paint | 2.7L

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    TIKKURILA OPTIVA 5 MATT - Latex paint | 2.7L

    TIKKURILA OPTIVA 5 MATT - Latex paint | 2.7L

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    OPTIVA 5 Tikkurila - The latest generation of water-dilutable latex acrylic composite paint, developed using modern encapsulation technology that increases the barrier properties of the painted surface. Designed for decorative and protective painting of walls and ceilings inside living, office and public spaces, including educational and health facilities (schools, kindergartens, crèches, hospitals, clinics, surgeries, operating rooms, treatment rooms, laboratories, dialysis stations, etc.), service and manufacturing facilities, including the food industry excluding direct contact with food.

    The most important features of paint are:

    • Encapsulation technology
    • Optimal and lasting effect
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Matte finish
    • Increased resistance to washing and scrubbing
    • Easy app

    Application Tikkurila OPTIVA:
    Painting of drywall, plasterboard, cement-lime, decorative painting of concrete substrates, as well as for the renovation of old paints. The product can be used on small surfaces and/or wooden or metal finishing elements, after priming suitable for this type of surface with a primer (Tikkurila Everal Aqua Primer, Tikkurila Rostex Super Akva).

    Application Stain-resistant paint tikkurila:

    1. Surface preparation:
      Painted surfaces: Fresh mineral plasters can be painted after a minimum of 4 weeks of seasoning. G-K plates, putty glazing can be painted after complete drying. Clean surfaces from dust and dirt, irregularities and cavities smooth with a suitable putty. In a situation where the unevenness of the substrate is significant, the wall should be pre-aligned with a compensatory mortar, and then the entire surface is glazed with a putty. With small bumps, you can immediately apply a putty stroke. The use of the abovementioned mortars and plaiers should be in accordance with the technical data sheet of these products. Machine plasters with a visible glossy layer of necrosis grind and clean from dust. Then apply one layer of primer Tikkurila Optiva Primer.

      Pre-painted surfaces: Before painting, remove flaky, loose parts of the old coating, and smooth the entire surface and de-extrude, irregularities and cavities smooth with a suitable putty. Matte, semi-gloss, semi-gloss and gloss paints completely before final dusting. For matting, use paper with a grain of 150-200. Prime the entire substrate with Tikkurila Optiva Primer. The priming operation can only be omitted provided that the existing coating is excellently preserved (the manufacturer is not responsible for the incorrect assessment of the facts of the substrate).

      Surfaces painted with glue or lime paint: Remove lime or glue paint thoroughly. Clean surfaces from dust and dirt, irregularities and cavities smooth with a suitable putty. Then apply one layer of primer Tikkurila Optiva Primer. In the case of loosely bound substrate, prime with Tikkurila Suprabilit.

      Note: Check that the painted element is stable and consistent e.g. whether the applied putty/putty after a slight rubbing with the hand "looses", the pythad and leaves a clear mark on the hand – that is, the substrate is loose, inconsistent and use Tikkurila Suprabilit.
    2. Product preparation:
      Before painting, you need to color enough paint from one production batch to avoid possible differences in the shades of the paint coating. Immediately before painting, the paint should be thoroughly mixed. Apply 2 layers Tikkurila Optiva Matt [5]. Additional layers may be necessary for colors with particularly low opacity (appropriately marked in the staining system). If you are using colors that are marked as poorly opacity (LH) in the staining system and intense colors from base C, it is necessary to use Tikkurila Optiva Primer primer, which is similar in color to topcoat.
    3. Executive guidelines:
      Peel off the paint tape immediately after painting before the paint dries. It is recommended to use ANZA painting tools. Note: Full resistance to wet washing according to PN-EN 13300 the coating is obtained 28 days after the completion of the painting work
    4. Consumption:
      Up to 16 m²/l for single painting. It depends on: absorbency and texture of the substrate, application method, painting tool used and color. The exact wear can only be determined in practice by performing a test painting on the final painted surface

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