Magnat Cermaic C45 - Ceramic paint | 5l

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    Magnat Cermaic C45 - Ceramic paint | 5l

    Magnat Cermaic C45 - Ceramic paint | 5l

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    Ceramic interior paint Magnat Ceramic C45

    The most important features of ceramic magnat is:

    • Durable color
    • resistance to stains, washing and scrubbing, intensive use
    • Up to 16m²/l for single painting
    • Resistant to disinfectants6
    • Don't splash while painting
    • Excellent opacity
    • Application method: roller4 , hydrodynamic spray
    • Recommended number of layers: 2
    • Application of the second layer: min. after 2h
    • Dry time5 : min. 3h

    Application Magnat Ceramic C45:

    The paint is designed for decorative protective painting of walls and ceilings inside rooms made of cement mortars, cement-sanding, gypsum, brick, plasterboard, wooden, wood-based and wallpaper, including those made of fiberglass. Due to its exceptional properties and durability, the paint is recommended for painting rooms particularly exposed to dirt and surfaces that require disinfection e.g. communication lines, corridors, private, office and health care rooms, salons and dining annexes.

    Application of stain-resistant Magnat:

    1. Preparation of the substrate: the surface to be painted should be durable, dry, free of dust, rust and grease fresh cement-lime plaster can be painted after 34 weeks of seasoning, gypsum plaster after 2 weeks, so-called "dry plasters" – immediately after grinding surfaces made in a system of plasterboard, glass or substrates covered with a very intense color paint MAGNAT PRIMER new metal surfaces protect against corrosion Śnieżka Urekor S old coatings of adhesive paints remove, wash and rinse water with the addition of washing products until the plaster is applied and paint ACRYLPUTZ®GP41 Deep Penetrating Polymer Primer or ACRYLPUTZ®GU40 Polymer Primer Universal old coatings made of emulsion paints badly adhering to the substrate (after gluing the paint strip the paint goes away together with the tape) remove and paint the substrate ACRYLPUTZ®GP41 Deep Penetrating Polymer Primer or ACRYLPUTZ®GU40 Polymer Primer Universal old coatings made of emulsion paints if they stick tightly – wash with water with detergents and allow the substrate to dry heavily absorbent , loosely bound, sleeping and chalked paint ACRYLPUTZ®GP41 Deep Penetrating Polymer Primer or ACRYLPUTZ®GU40 Polymer Primer Universal NOTE: extremely weak substrates after dust removal and rubbing with the hand leave a clear layer of loose dust on it; before applying primer or primer paint, they should be painted ACRYLPUTZ®GP41 Polymer Primer Deep Penetrating places mushroomed, covered with mold, cleaned mechanically and disinfected with fungicidal impregnation, while remembering the need to remove the cause of the formation of fungi uneven substrate, it is recommended to align the finished filler with ACRYLPUTZ ®FS20 Finish, cracks and cavities are replenished with the finished filler ACRYLPUTZ®FX23 Flex or, in case of larger irregularities, free-flowing filler ACRYLPUTZ®ST10 Start and paint with primer emulsion MAGNAT GRUNT stains after water stains, soot, nicotine and oil paint with acrylic paint Śnieżka CieciekiGlass wallpaper wallpaper paint directly with paint or follow the recommendations of their manufacturer NOTE: for the best effect, it is recommended to apply MAGNAT CERAMIC paint so that the substrate is covered with primer paint MAGNAT PRIMER
    2. Product preparation:
      product ready to use, before painting thoroughly, slowly mix by hand do not add lime, do not mix with emulsion paints of another type just before painting paint thoroughly mix by hand products from different production batches before use mix in the packaging
    3. Executive guidelines:
      paint indoors at ambient temperature and substrates from +5 °C to +30 °C apply two layers with a brush, a MAGNAT roller (natural twine with a bristle length of 1019 mm) or by hydrodynamic spray another layer of paint apply after min. 2 hours apply carefully and evenly the same amount of paint to the individual surface of the wall or ceiling
    4. Consumption:
      up to 16 m²/L for single painting. Practical performance depends on many factors, such as the type of substrate, its absorbency, texture, color and type of tool used and application method.

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