Weber dry PUR COAT - Polyurethane topcoat - Red | 5kg

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    Weber dry PUR COAT - Polyurethane topcoat - Red | 5kg

    Weber dry PUR COAT - Polyurethane topcoat - Red | 5kg

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    weber.dry PUR coat is a single-component, polyurethane, liquid, highly flexible red topcoat (RAL3011) used as a protective layer of PUR System construction structures and waterproofing membranes. weber.dry PUR coat is based on aliphatic polyurethane, thanks to which the made top layer has a high resistance to abrasion and external factors - including UV radiation. The use of the coating guarantees color invariance under the influence of UV radiation (especially recommended for dark colors), as well as no chalking effect.

    Application of topcoat WEBER:

    • weber.dry PUR coat is used as a top layer for:
    • roofs (non-usable and pedestrian)
    • balconies and terraces
    • pedestrian paths (low traffic)
    • resin coatings
    • spray foam insulation based on polyurethane
    • concrete and reinforced concrete

    The most important features of a liquid topcoat for use in low-traffic areas are:

    • Easy application (roller or spray)
    • High flexibility
    • Extremely efficient - the desired effect after applying one layer
    • Waterproof coating
    • Increases abrasion resistance of resin coatings and membranes
    • Excellent adhesion to different types of substrates
    • UV and weather resistance
    • Resistant to discoloration, gives shine, there is no chalking effect - guarantee of color stability
    • Resistance to acids and aces in 5% concentration, detergents, salt water and oils
    • Maintains its properties in temperatures from -30°C to +90ºC

    Application WEBER dry PUR coat:

    1. Preparation of the substrate:
      The substrate must be equal, load-bearing, clean, free from loosely bound parts, cement milk, oil, fat and other substances which impede the adhesion of the resin to the substrate. The compressive strength of the concrete substrate should be min. 25 MPa and a breaking strength of at least 1.5 MPa. Any polished surfaces are not suitable for coating unless they have been previously matted by sandblasting, blasting, milling, etc. The moisture content of the substrate should not exceed 5% (CM method).
    2. Product preparation:
      The product is single-component and supplied as a ready-to-use product. It should be thoroughly mixed with a stirrer fixed in a slow-speed drill (max 300 rpm). Mixing time approx. 2-3 min. Resin should not be diluted. The product binds by reacting with moisture contained in the air and contact with the substrate. Once the package has been opened, its contents must be used immediately.
    3. Executive guidelines:
      Top layer
      weber.dry PUR coat apply to the prepared substrate or to a bound waterproofing membrane e.g. weber.dry PUR seal with a fur roller with short bristles or by means of an overhead spray (recomeded on large surfaces) in one or two layers. After 3-6 hours (no later than 36 hours) apply the second layer of weber.dry PUR coat. The coating made smoothly from weber.dry PUR coat is slippery when wet. For a non-slip surface, it should be applied to a surface previously emphysemaged e.g. quartz sand for appropriate granulation. Clean the tools immediately after finishing the work with weber.sys 992.
    4. Conditions during application and binding:
      Application conditions:
      The temperature of the material, air and substrate during use should be between +5°C and +35°C. The idea is that under the influence of water vapor pressure, blisters can form.

      Binding time:
      Ground and air temperature: 20°C
      Carrying out further work: 1-3 h
      Partial load: 12 h
      Full load: 7 days
    5. Consumption:
      Wear depends on the type of substrate and the solution adopted: from 120 g/m² to 250 g/m² – in one or two layers

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