Weber tec 933 - Cement filler for seals | 25kg

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    Weber tec 933 - Cement filler for seals | 25kg

    Weber tec 933 - Cement filler for seals | 25kg

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    weber.tec 933 (Deitermann HKS) hydraulically binding, water-impermeable mortar for faceting and for compensating layers under waterproofing coatings when performing bath type insulation

    Application of the weber:

    • to make facets (beading) at the floor/wall or wall/wall contact,
    • for filling caved in concrete or in the wall and surface leveling (compensatory filler).

    After hardening, it can be coated with other sealing materials, such as polymer-bitumen KMB masses or flexible sealing sludges.

    The most important weber of the tec 933 is:

    • Waterproof
    • shrink-free
    • fast-binding
    • for indoor and outdoor use
    • easy to use
    • sulphate-resistant
    • can be used for leveling fillers

    Application of cement putty weber:

    1. Preparation of the substrate:
      Suitable substrates are concrete, cement screed, brick wall and wall of silicone bricks (blocks). The substrate must be clean, load-bearing and stable, free of contaminants, loose and unbound particles and other substances likely to impair adhesion. Moisten the substrate so that at the time of application the mortar is matte and moist.
    2. Product preparation:
      Mix the bag (25 kg) weber.tec 933 with 2.5-3 liters of clean water. With smaller quantities, it is necessary to remember the mixing proportions: per 1 kg of mortar 100-120 ml of clean water. Stir until a homogeneous, homogeneous mass is obtained. For mixing, drills with a spatula agitator can be used. The mixing time shall be at least 2 minutes. The addition of water per bag in the amount of 2.5 liters allows to obtain a mortar with a rigid consistency, with the addition of 3 liters of water, a consistency is obtained allowing the application of the mortar with a trop.
    3. Executive guidelines:
      Apply the mortar to the prepared substrate with a trowel and trowel. Make the "wet to wet" principle using the "wet to wet" principle, i.e. apply weber.tec 933 to a fresh layer of .tec 933, which is earned for plastic consistency, applying the weber.tec 933 mortar to form the desired trowel. Machining time: approx. 15 minutes at +20ºC, (higher temperatures shorten, lower machining time). Further processing after: 2-3 hours
      - thickness of the applied layer: for surface seals – up to 10 mm for faceting – up to 50 mm
      - machining time: approx. 15 minutes at +20ºC ( higher temperatures shorten, lower increase machining time)
      - further treatment after: 2-3 hours Tools clean with water before tying the mortar
    4. Conditions during application and binding:
      The temperature of the substrate and air during the work should be from +5°C to +30°C. Do not apply to frozen substrates, do not work during negative temperatures and during precipitation. Further processing after: 2-3 hours.
    5. Consumption:
      1.8 kg per 1m2 per 1 mm thick layer
      1.8 kg per 1 dm3 of cav loss or

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