WEBER. FLOOR 4045 - Instant filler weight | 25kg

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WEBER. FLOOR 4045 - Instant filler weight | 25kg

WEBER. FLOOR 4045 - Instant filler weight | 25kg

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Instant filler weight from 1 mm to 5 cm thick. It definitely accelerates renovation and construction work. Ideal consistency for repairing, smoothing screeds or modeling dips. Resistant to the movement of furniture on wheels. It works perfectly with adhesives for carpeting and allows them to be stacked after only 2 hours.

The most important WEBER floor 4045 are:

  • Cement
  • Instantly binds and dries
  • Fast surface treatment
  • Super smooth itward surface
  • Possibility of local putty without priming the substrate
  • Very wide thickness range
  • Excellent work properties
  • Laying carpets after 2 hours
  • High strength
  • Resistant to movement of furniture on wheels
  • Suitable for repairing and smoothing screeds with underfloor heating installed
  • Thanks to its low alkaline, it works perfectly with all carpet adhesives
  • Eco-friendly, very low emission – EMICODE EC1 PLUS

Application of instant filler mass:

  • for putty, leveling or smoothing substrates for thin and thick carpets, PVC, cork, parquet, panels, etc.
  • for repairing the ground, filling caved and profiling drops, repairing stair steps and landings
  • for use on concrete substrates, cement screeds, anhydrite, magnesite primers, ceramic tiles, dry and damp and wet rooms (e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) indoors in apartments, hotels, offices, hospitals, schools, shops, cinemas, etc. public facilities,
  • for fillering, leveling and repairing substrates with underfloor heating installed,
  • weber.floor 4045 is not recommended to be operated without the above-mentioned topcoat.

Application WEBER.floor 4045:

  1. Preparation of the substrate:
    The substrate must be load-bearing, hard, stable, dry and free of impurities that weaken the bond (e.g. fats, bitumen, dust, dust, adhesives, residual paint and mortars). The strength of the substrate for breaking off should be min. 1.0 N/mm². Thoroughly vacuum the substrate and prime with the appropriate preparation:
    • cement substrates with low ionity: weber PG212 – 1 layer of soil, drying time 45-60 min, weber.floor 4716 - 1 layer of soil, concentrate mixed with water in a ratio of 1:3 (soil: water), drying time 3-5 hours.
    • soaking cement substrates: weber PG212 – 1-2 layers of soil, drying time 45-60 min. for each layer, weber.floor 4716 - 2 layers of soil, concentrate mixed with water in proportion: first priming 1:5, second priming 1:3 (primer : water), drying time 3-5 hours for each layer,
    • airtight, non-pristious substrates – lastrico, ceramic tiles: weber.prim quartz – 1 layer of soil, drying time 2-3 hours,
    • anhydrite screeds: weber.tec EP10 – 1 layer of soil, surface covered with dry quartz sand, drying time approx. 24 hours,
    • substrates with increased humidity: weber.tec EP SG – 2 layers of soil, surface sprinkled with dry quartz sand, drying time approx. 24 hours.
  2. Product preparation:
    Pour 25 kg (bag) of dry weber.floor 4045 into 5.5 - 7.0 l of pure water and stir for 1 - 2 minutes with a slow-speed electric agitator until a homogeneous mass is obtained (if smaller quantities per 1 kg of dry mixture are mixed, add 220 to 280 ml of water). Allow to stand for about 1 minute and mix again briefly. Prepare portions that will be used within 10 minutes. Do not add more water than recommended by the instruction, as this will reduce strength and increase the contraction of the mortar. It is unacceptable to "improve" the product by adding sand, cement, etc.
  3. Executive guidelines:
    Place weber.floor 4045 on the substrate immediately after mixing to the desired layer thickness, then smooth the steel trop. Place the required thickness in one duty cycle. Fresh dirt with mortar washed off with water, hardened to remove mechanically. The weber.floor 4045 is ideal for substrate repair, drop profiling and cavities replenishment before stacking self-leveling masses and for all kinds of floor work. Thanks to the high drying, it allows you to do your work in a short time.
  4. Conditions during application and binding:
    The building must have a roof, windows and doors. The ambient and ground temperatures during the work and for the next 7 days should be between +10°Cdo +25°C. Relative humidity of the RH substrate should be less than 95%. During the work and 3 days after their completion, light airing of the premises is recommended, but you should avoid drafts and do not turn on the air conditioning. Do not allow excessive sunlight or heat the spilled mortar.
  5. Consumption:
    approx. 1.6 kg/m² per mm thick
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