AQUALIT KABE - primer for dispersive paints | 10l

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    AQUALIT KABE - primer for dispersive paints | 10l

    AQUALIT KABE - primer for dispersive paints | 10l

    Ground for paints kabe

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    AQUALIT primer is a filled preparation based on dispersion and silicate binder for proper preparation of the substrate for finishing coatings, used indoors. Especially recommended for use on "difficult" substrates with different absorbency and colors (e.g. putty plasterboard). Designed for priming substrates before applying dispersion paints: PROFILATEX, PROLATEX, OPTILATEX, TOP WHITE ANTI-REFLEX, OPTIMA, PERFEKTA, MILAMAT. For use on all typical absorbent mineral substrates (e.g. plasterboard, plasterboard, mortars and fillers, and gypsum, limestone, cement and cement-lime plasters). Note: The primer should not be used for priming substrates with low wetting (e.g. dispersive coatings and plastic-based plastering expeditions).

    SUBSTRATE PREPARATION: The substrate must be load-bearing (without cracks and cracks), skimmed, clean and dry and free from stains and eruptions of biological and chemical origin. In case of fungal lichen, the substrate should be cleaned mechanically, and then de-de-sewn mushroom preparations into the interior. Discoloration stains, nicotine stains and eruptions after water stains should be repainted in advance with MILAMAT isolating paint. Any loose, non-substrate layers (e.g. uncoated plasters or exfoliated coatings) must be removed. Wash and de-de-de-stain old and/or soiled substrates with cleanforce. In a situation where the unevenness of the substrate is significant, the wall should be pre-aligned with kombi finish mortar, and then the entire surface is seshed with the filler mass PROFINISZ. With small bumps, you can immediately apply the PROFINISZ putty. Absorbent substrates should be primed withBUDOGRUNT WG before applying masses and/or putty mortars. When applying the preparation to newly made mineral substrates (e.g. cement and cement-lime plaster), a minimum of 2 weeks of seasoning should be maintained.

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    Consumption per m2
    approx. 0.10 l/m²
    Base binder
    acrylic binder and potassium water glass
    Approx. 1.3 g/cm³
    Application temperature
    Relative humidity

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