Śnieżka Urekor S - Anti-corrosion primer - ash | 5l

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    Śnieżka Urekor S - Anti-corrosion primer - ash | 5l

    Śnieżka Urekor S - Anti-corrosion primer - ash | 5l

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    Urekor S is an anti-corrosion primer for steel and iron elements is a suspension of pigments and fillers in a solution of phthalated resin in a mixture of organic solvents with the addition of processing and auxiliary agents. It gives fast-fast, matte, flexible coatings perfectly attached to the substrate, with a suitable hardness for the purpose. It is used for priming steel and tiled structures used indoors and outdoors to protect them from corrosion. It is recommended to be used as a primer for the following paints and topcoat emals: phthalith, modified phthaliac and nitrocellulose

    The most important features of urekor s paint are:

    • protects against corrosion
    • dries quickly
    • perfectly attached to the substrates

    Application of anti-corrosion primer śnieżka:

    1. Preparation of the substrate:
      Surfaces intended for painting should be cleaned up to 20 according to PN-70/H-97050
      Clean new surfaces from rust and other contaminants and remove loose layers of old paint, rust and other contaminants
      De-de-excheven surfaces cleaned with extraction petrol
    2. Paint preparation:
      Mix the paint thoroughly, dilute if necessary to working viscosity with a dilution for general use carbamide phthalic products, chlorocauchoic or polyvinyl
    3. Painting:
      Paint with a brush or air spray
      It is recommended to apply 1-2 layers depending on the corrosion aggressiveness of the environment
      apply the next layer after 4-6 hours.
      apply topcoating layers after 24 hours of drying or as recommendations for topcoat, with the exception of nitrocellulose and chlorocauchoic enalys, which must be applied at least 72 hours after drying of the backing layer.
    4. Consumption:
      Approx. 9 m²/l with single painting

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