ARTE-PLASTER STONE - Noble pebble plaster with natural stone effect | 20kg

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    ARTE-PLASTER STONE - Noble pebble plaster with natural stone effect | 20kg

    ARTE-PLASTER STONE - Noble pebble plaster with natural stone effect | 20kg

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    Arsanit ARTE-PLASTER STONE - Noble decorative plaster with natural stone effect.

    The use of Arsanit Stone plaster:
    Decorative plaster Arte-Plaster STONE is used for decorative plastering expeditions on traditional mineral, concrete, gypsum and chipboard, plasterboard, etc. It is ideal for covering utility-laden fragments e.g. ETICS pedecons, corridors, staircases and decorative wall decoration (ovales, bonies, arches, pillars, corneas). The sheathing coating made of plastering is resistant to dirt, UV radiation and biological corrosion.

    The most important features of the natural stone plaster are:

    • Natural stone effect with mineral intrusions
    • Ready to use
    • Inwards and outwards
    • Wash and scrubbing resistant
    • Hydrophobic
    • Weatherproof

    Stone Arsanit app:

    1. Preparation of the substrate:
      The surface should be smooth, clean, dry, well-bonded — any deficiencies should be supplemented with proper mortar and biological aggression can be eliminated with AntiGLO. Depending on the condition of the substrate, the product should be Arsanit Arte-Grunt with a suitably chosen color. Arte-Plaster STONE can be used to be even, supportable, dry and free of substrate adhesion-reducing substances (such as fats, bitumen, dust, etc.). With a relative humidity of 55%, the ambient and ground temperature at the time of application of the plaster and for the next 24 hours must not be less than +10oC or higher than +25oC. Products should be stored in cool places, without sunlight, at temperatures from +5°C to 25°C.During and after work, until completely dry, the plaster should be protected from adverse weather conditions (strong wind, precipitation, high temperature, sunlight, fog, etc.). Arte-Plaster STONE must not be used on horizontal surfaces not protected from rain. Plaster cannot be used below ground level. Arte-Plaster STONE should only be applied to vertical surfaces without capillary pull-up. The application of Arte-Plaster STONE can be started after full drying (curing) of the Arte-Grunt plastering primer, after 24 h under optimal conditions. The evaluation of the condition of the plastering primer can be performed with an open hand test by rubbing its surface. When used on partitions covered with XPS, EPS boards, the thickness of the plaster layer should be about 4 mm. (adaptation of dark colors recommended double mesh — thickness approx. 8 mm).

      Priming: Arte-Grunt, stained according to the color number of the final coating. End layer: Arte-Plaster STONE; to increase the resistance to weather conditions, after complete drying, the surface of the plaster - can be protected in addition with Arte-Fix M.Application of plastering mass on a uniform surface must be carried out continuously (without interruptions). Found in Arle-Plaster STONE mica is a natural raw material, therefore mica flakes can differ in shape and size, which is a completely normal situation and represents the uniqueness of the effect achieved by Arte-Tynk STONE.
    2. Preparing for spray application:
      For a suitable consistency for spray application, dilute with water in the amount of max 2%.
    3. Mixing:
      Mix arte-plaster STONE with aggregate and mika by hand using trowels, trowels or mechanically using a slow-speed machine (e.g. drill). Do not mix the plaster for too long and too intensively, as this can lead to the destruction of mica flakes, and drying out the foamed plaster applied to the façade will be too fast, which in effect can cause the substrate to shine out from under the plaster layer or create white spots on the plastered surface. Before starting work, check the batch numbers of the material before processing. Do not apply batches of material with different numbers to the same surface — for materials from different production orders, it is necessary to mix them together to unify the product.
    4. Treatment:
      Arte-Plaster STONE apply stainless steel trom. After a while (depending on the weather conditions), smooth the material with a steel trouch. The technique of execution, the tools of what substrate have a significant impact on the end result.

      Note! Do not allow the material to dry out too quickly, especially in summer. Otherwise, it is possible to have a slight clouding of the binder between the grains, and this is especially noticeable with dark colors. This phenomenon does not affect the performance and durability of the plaster, so it can not be used as a basis for complaints of material.
    5. Consumption:
      The consumption of Arte-Plaster STONE is in the range of 2.0 - 4.0 kg/m2 and ultimately depends on the type of substrate and the application technique. The consumption values given are indicative values.

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