Ceresit CT16 Preparat gruntujący 10l
    •  Ceresit CT16 Preparat gruntujący 10l

    Ceresit CT16 - Primer for thin-layer plasters | 10l

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    Quartz land ceresit ct 16


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    Ceresit CT16 - Primer for thin-layer plasters | 10l

    Ceresit CT16 - Primer for thin-layer plasters | 10l

    Quartz land ceresit ct 16

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    Quartz Ceresit ct 16 for decorative plasters and paint coatings.

    The most important features of the CERESIT:

    • facilitates the application of thin-layer and mosaic plasters
    • contains aggregate
    • increases adhesion to the ground
    • reduces the absorbency of the substrate
    • quick-dry - dry time only 3hours
    • Waterproof
    • vapour permeable
    • high opacity
    • for painting with a roller or brush
    • ready to use

    Application of quartz sand soil ceresit:
    The CERESIT CT 16 makes it easier to apply thin-film plasters and "purees" used outdoors and indoors. It is recommended for priming a layer reinforced with a mesh of light-wet insulation of buildings inCERESIT ceretherm insulation systems and for traditional plasters. With CT 16, you can also cover the surfaces of chipboard, plasterboard, gypsum plaster, any concrete and strong paint coatings. Primed with CT 16 significantly reduces its entrenchment, which prevents over-storage of the materials then applied. The fine crush contained in CT 16 makes primed surfaces rough and resistant to scratches. It develops the surface, which increases the adhesion of plasters, fillers and paints. The material has a high opacity and effectivelyunifies the substrate, preventing the formation of stains on colored acrylic, mineral, silicone-silicone, silicone and elastomeric plasters. For the surface reinforcement of strengthening of strengthening of strengthening substrates, CERESIT ct 17 should be used.

    Application of quartz ceresit:

    1. PreparationGround:
      The substrates to be coated with quartz CERESIT CT 16 must be equal, compact, dry and free of adhesion-reducing substances: fats, bitumen, dust, etc. Dirt and layers of poor strength need to be removed. Existing coatings from adhesive or lime paints should be removed. Wash off the surface with pressurized water with the addition of ct 98 contaminant removers. Damage and loss of plaster should be filled with a CERESIT CT 29. Absorbable substrates, e.g. plasterboard, chipboard, unimpregnated plasterboard, should be primed with CERESIT CT 17 and allow to dry for about 2 hours.
    2. Execution:
      Mix the contents of the package. Do not use rusting vessels and tools.

      Do not dilute quartz soil! CT 16 should be applied with a roller or brush, evenly and once. The dry time of CT 16 is about 3 hours. Tools and fresh splashes wash with water.
    3. Recommendations:
      When priming the substrate under thin-film plaster, it is recommended to use CT 16 in a color similar to the color of the plaster.
    4. Consumption:
      The approximate consumption of the preparation is from 0.3 to 0.5 kg/m2 (from 0.2 to 0.35 l/m2) depending on the equality and

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    Consumption per m2
    d 0.2 to 0.35 l/m2 depending on the equality and availability of the substrate
    drying time
    about 3 hours

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