polystyrene roof floor


Technical polystyrene is an excellent insulating material, having a wide application in construction. Foamed polystyrene belongs to components distinguished by resistance to mold, water, fungi and bacteria. Another advantage is the ease of processing without the need for specialized tools. Polystyrene is also a completely safe material for health, and does not cause allergies. Technical polystyrene passes the test both in the preparation of layers of insulation inside buildings, also when heating underfloor and outdoors.

The combination of excellent insulation properties with durability and diversity makes polystyrene used in many ways. It can be used in seamless systems (BSO) or where a wet light method is used. Depending on your needs, you can choose boards from 10 to 300 mm thick. The standard dimensions of polystyrene plates are 500 per 100 mm, and other dimensions are available (on request). In addition, on special request we offer milled polystyrene plates (standard is straight edges).


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