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Gypsum putty building gypsum

Building gypsum is an extremely important material both during the construction of a building and its renovation. Typically, you can correct larger bumps on the surface of a face, enter angles, and create planes themselves.

Putty gypsum offers good adhesion to the ground. For this reason, it is often used to glue decorative elements and are great for connecting wall panels. Construction and putty gypsum is great for filling small gaps during small renovations, as well as much larger cavas. They are suitable for these purposes thanks to their fast binding and high strength. With their help, we will fill the cavities after the creation of water, heating or electrical installations. Thanks to them, we will also align the walls and ceilings, which often do not stick to the vertical. After leveling the surface with plaster, we recommend using putty stroke, which you can also find in our shop.


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