Plaster plaster putty price - ATLAS, Gypsum, Rapid


If you want to obtain perfectly smooth walls, we recommend using the only putty plaiers available in our shop, specially designed for this kind of work.

Offered in a wide range of our store, the glazing is a material characterized by excellent quality and durability at an affordable price for everyone. The binding component most commonly used in their production is gypsum.

They also contain various additives, such as chalk, dolomite and plasticizers, which significantly increase the binding force of plaiting, as well as improve the durability of surfaces made using such materials.

In our offer there are plaster plasters of the most famous and respected manufacturers. Among other things, ATLAS, which is reinforced with polymers, which favorably affects its quality and guarantees optimal hardness. We especially recommend the snow-white Euromix glaze, which is ideal for thin-layer fillering of concrete surfaces, cement plasters or lime-cement, as well as drywall. Similar parameters are characterized by the smoothing of the Nida brand. This modern product is designed for manual as well as machine honing and is ideal for traditional construction substrates.


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