Gypsum adhesive for g-k (drywall)

Adhesives for gk boards

Gypsum adhesives in our offer are characterized not only by very good adhesion, but also easy to use. Drywall adhesive is used when gluing plasterboard on both concrete and ceramic substrates inside the building. In addition, G-K slab adhesive can also be used when gluing PRO-Monta slabs, ceramic blocks, bricks, concrete blocks and cell blocks indoors.

However, even the best quality adhesive can not cope with dirty, wet or unstable substrate, so remember that it is properly prepared before starting work on gluing gypsum boards. Of course, it is also necessary to make sure that the surface for gluing through gypsum glue is absorbent. Therefore, we recommend using one of our land which will definitely increase the absorbent properties of the substrate and prepare it for sticking the plate.


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