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Wherever increased strength and durability count when installing doors, a metal door frame is a good choice. Metal, unlike wood and wood-related materials, does not ware or swell even in high humidity, for this it is easy to renew using paint. In addition, the metal wall blends well in interiors with a modern, also minimalist character, making up the original style of the whole. Metal door door door door door frame can be easily adapted to all kinds of popular wings. They can be used both in the intra-frame door as well as in the entrance door, also when filling the workshop door. In our offer there are, among others, door frame with a gasket, adapted for installation in walls made of drywall. Quick installation is possible thanks to brackets and pins, adapted to the frame. Our proposals include metal frame frame in several variants. Each of the offered models is adapted for installation in traditional single-family construction and apartment blocks. Aesthetics and durability are ensured by high-quality steel, primed submersible to red oxide color, while the mounted seal effectively dammes bastards and noise, arising when opening and closing doors. Importantly, durable metal frame can be painted using commonly available varnishes. This is another advantage that allows you to match a solid fur in terms of color not only to the door, but also to the interior design. An additional layer of paint is especially suitable for an outward-mounted wall, strengthening corrosion protection.


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