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In our wide range of materials for roofing we blachodachin a variety of colours, matte and glossy. The undoubted advantage of this material is the ease of installation, because compared to the standard ceramic tile we do not need to lay small pieces next to each other.

In our shop we blachodacha modular and blachodachin sheets. Both options are much faster when it comes to installation, compared to standard roofing.

We focus on choosing blachodachof the manufacturer Blacho Dach, which has many styles of roofing in rich colors. They offer products such as blachodachSWING, BINGO, TWIST, FLAMENCO or SONATA.

In our company we have qualified specialists who will help you in choosing the right roofing material and prepare an affordable valuation for the entire roof or roof. We have our OWN HDS transport, thanks to which we can deliver the goods to the site of your construction site.


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