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Foundation film

Wet foundation film creates the most important element of insulation of foundations. Made from 100 percent polyethylene, it guarantees long-term protection against water supply and damp buildings. Resistant to UV radiation and chemicals. It reduces the formation of moisture, fungi and the penetration of plant roots into the layers of the building. At the same time, it withstands temperatures from -30 to 80 degrees Celsius. There is no negative impact on water bodies, such as wells and ponds, which are located near buildings. The foundation film has a drain structure and should be laid with tabs to the wall. It then creates adequate ventilation of the walls and drainage of the water approaching the foundations. Bucket film requires the use of screws or nails depending on the substrate, which will limit its movement. The width of the film should be larger than the wall. In another situation, it must be bookmarked. To ensure complete insulation, a double arrangement of 18 vertical extrusions and 4 horizontal extrusions is used. Extrus slits act in the form of latches, which affects the quality of the insulation made. For connections, it is worth using additional tapes, elastomeric adhesive or butylene mass. At the end, it is finishing with the help of a foundation strip, which guarantees tightness. In our shop you will find bucket film (foundation) in rolls of different widths. Rollers make it easy to store, transport, but also expand the film. After laying, it is enough to cut off the excess with a sharp knife.


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