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Bucket film

Each building is exposed to moisture that enters the groundwater, destroying the house from scratch. In the building begins to form fungus and mold, the removal of which can be time-consuming and expensive. The only and best way to avoid these consequences is a film for insulation of foundations. Each building requires the creation of solid foundations. We are pleased to note that most investors care about the long-term and safe use of newly built buildings. Bucket film for foundations is not only less expensive than removing the effects of moisture, but at the same time simple to install, which begins even before burying the foundation slab. The film itself consists of many tabs that successfully drain water from the wall of the building, while allowing it to breathe. Its correct arrangement, i.e. tabs towards the wall guarantees full functionality. In our store, anti-moisture film is available in different sizes. This ensures accurate tightness over the entire height of the foundation wall without creating unnecessary and water-tight joints. Its structure allows you to trim anywhere. Secured on joints with a special tape will completely increase the protection of the building. Our shop also presents you with an affordable finishing strip, which, mounted with the right screws, will press the film against moisture up to the wall. It's even more confident that your foundations will be well protected.


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