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The Braas, owned by the world leader of MONIER roofing on the Polish market, has been in place since 1993. The beginnings were aimed at importing tiles from neighbouring Germany, and then BRAAS created its own production. It is in Poland, more precisely in Płońsk, that there is a state-of-the-art factory, thanks to which the whole world enjoys high-quality cement and ceramic tiles.

Thanks to this, the company is recognized all over the world and is trusted by professionals and customers. Professionals appreciated the brand by awarding it the European Medal, the Customer Laurel and the Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair Budma. In our shop, each of you has the opportunity to buy unusual tiles of this excellent company, and even more importantly, from Polish production. Among them, of course, a sizeable variety. Tiles produced by BRAAS are aimed at everyone, so each model has a different pattern and color. Integrated roofing systems guarantee a sensational appearance of the building, but also fall into the standards of insulation, and we know perfectly well that it is through the roof covering that escapes the most heat, or is too hot in the building. The entire systems used ensure long-term weather resistance of the roofing material. The highest quality of raw materials eliminates corrosion and increases the discoloration time of the tile. One of the main advantages of buying BRAAS is also the affordable price. Although the company is of great importance in the global market, it does not take advantage of this fact and continues to passionately create products for every budget.

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