Thickness of the blocks

Thickness of the blocks

Ceramic thermal insulation blocks HELUZ online store,Price

Warm blocks Heluz

The Heluz is not yet very well known on the Polish market, and it is a pity because it is behind our southern border that it is a pioneer in the warming of buildings.

Thermal insulation blocks of HELUZ are excellent sound and thermal insulation. In our offer we have all sorts of ceramic blocks of this manufacturer such as, for example, HELUZ Family 2in1 which will allow you to build a passive house using only one series of blocks. So the house is economical, and the building does not need additional warming. The binder for this type of bricks can be traditional mortar, as well as mounting foam, which you will receive for FREE to all ground blocks. The foam significantly accelerates construction work, even with fewer workers on the construction site. The prices of HELUZproducts, taking into account their parameters, are not higher than those of competing materials.

All our goods are of a high standard and have all the necessary quality certificates. We provide advice by phone, because customer satisfaction is our priority, we also invite you to contact our sales representative Mr. Stefan – 518 103 122

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