The chimney is an indispensable element of the heating system of the house, used for exhaust gases from heating boilers or fireplaces powered by solid fuel, as well as c.o furnaces powered by oil or gas. It is also used for ventilation, effectively removing used air. It can be an integral part of the building or a separate structure. The chimneys offered in our shop are extremely modern, complete chimney systems characterized by reliability of operation and, above all, safe to use.
Chimneys in our shop range are products of the highest quality. Only high-quality raw materials are used for their production, and the production process is fully automated, which guarantees the repeatability of the chimneys produced. Each of them before leaving the plant is controlled in detail, which undoubtedly affects the safety of its use, as well as the effectiveness of operation. The chimney systems offered by us are CE certificates that prove that they meet the requirements of EU directives for the placing on the market of such products.
Chimney systems in our commercial offer are an excellent alternative to traditional brick chimneys. They are manufactured from prefabricated products, which greatly facilitates and accelerates their installation. Inside the chimney there is a ceramic core, resistant to acids in the smoke, and above all ensuring maximum tightness of the chimney. It is insulated with thermal insulation, which reduces heat loss. The housing is made up of aesthetic expanded concrete blocks.
The chimney systems offered by us are characterized by excellent performance and are completely safe to use. They successfully cooperate with many types of heating systems. They are characterized by attractive design and perfectly fit into different types of facades of buildings.


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