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Roofing sheets

Roofing sheets are a lightweight durable and aesthetic material used as a roofing material for many types of roofs. The blachodach is made of high quality galvanized sheet metal on both sides. It is often additionally coated with protective lacquers for excellent resistance to changing weather conditions.
The sheet has specific properties that allow installation even on older buildings during the replacement of roof ingress, as well as on completely new objects. The roof sheet is several times lighter than the ceramic tile, thanks to which the construction of the building is less loaded, which of course has its meaning. The sheet is also resistant to any mechanical damage caused by hail or strong and gusty winds. Anti-corrosion coating guarantees complete resistance to damage by rains and snowfall. To prevent major damage, we recommend that you check the condition of the roof ingress several times a year.


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    The ECO+ equipment system is used
    mainly on residential buildings.
    Machining is produced on professional,
    fully computerised German machines,
    guarantees 100% repeatability of products.
    The entire production process is supervised by high