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Roofing is one of the most important decisions during construction, which must be made during the construction of the house. The choice of tile depends on how long we will enjoy a tight roof and impeccable appearance composing with the rest of the house and its surroundings. To have peace of mind for years to come and enjoy the beauty of your roof is not enough to be guided only by appearance, it is also necessary to pay attention to the technical parameters, because not every type of tile, its size and the material from which it is made is suitable for any roof structure. When choosing, take into account the angle of inclination of the roof slope and the load that the roof truss can assume on m2. It is also important to take into account whether there are many trees growing within the house that will contribute to the residual large amounts of leaves on the roof surface. among the wide range of tiles available on the market, there are two main categories: ceramic tile. It has a very long history and belongs to some of the oldest roofing materials. It is available in many shapes. Starting from the traditionally flat "carp", ending with the latest and currently the most popular solution of bookmark tiles, led by "marseille". Ceramic tiles are characterized by long-term durability and resistance to external factors. It is assumed that the roof covered with ceramic tile is able to survive at least 100 years. Its longevity is due to its high resistance to frost and crumple and low persuasion. The only drawback may be its heavy weight fluctuating between 35-70 kg/ m2 depending on the shape and size of the tile. Concrete tile. unlike ceramic tiles, it is not so famous. It has much less resistance to external factors. It shows low frost resistance and a significant level of persuasion after 20 h. Their bending capacity is similar to ceramic tiles. The cement tile is characterized by a lower specific weight, which is in the range of 35-56 kg/ m2 depending on the selected shape and type of tile. Manufacturers assume that a roof covered with concrete tile can last up to 80years. Ceramic and concrete tiles are covered with high-quality impregnations that increase the strength and resistance to dirt and the development of microorganisms.

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