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The Austrotherm is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality polystyrene and extruded polystyrene products used in thermal insulation systems. These materials are used both in residential construction and in industry. They are appreciated for their excellent properties, easy installation and the possibility of versatile application.

The AUSTROTHERM is an Austrian-born manufacturer of modern solutions used in the thermal insulation of all kinds of buildings and industrial facilities. These products are characterized by excellent insulating properties, they can be used at virtually any stage of construction work. They are suitable for both insulation of cellars, ceilings, exterior walls and interior partitions.

In order to be constantly at the forefront of manufacturers of such products, the company creates new solutions, conducts research in its own R&D center and expands its offer with new or improved products. Great emphasis is also placed on protecting the environment and treating employees, business partners and customers fairly, and thus the end-users of a given product. The principles of fair competition are also one of the fundamental values that the company strives to guide in its day-to-day operation.

Its wide range, durability and excellent value for money have made the products of this manufacturer happy to buy both by professionals dealing with warming on a daily basis, as well as people who want to insulate their own home or other building.

The product range includes insulating materials for general applications, as well as those with specific properties. It contains not only insulating layers, but also finishing materials intended for them and connecting materials. The company therefore offers a comprehensive supply of all the necessary elements of a successful and efficient thermal insulation system.