Insulating materials: wool, polystyrene

Insulating materials

Choosing the right insulation material is a guarantee that the warming of the building will be durable and effective. In our offer we have polystyrene façade slabs, for insulation of foundations, roofs, floors and parking lots, and mineral wool slabs for outdoor and indoor applications, including warming of attic, roofs and roofs. We also recommend polystyrene in the form of granules, perfect, among other things, for thermomodernization of hard-to-reach places.

When deciding on one of the systems available on the market, we should be guided primarily by the insulation parameter, that is, the coefficient of heat conduction (lambda) - the smaller its value, the better thermal insulation properties the material has. Factors such as vapour permeability, non-flammability and acoustic properties are also important. Insulation materials should also have all the certificates required by Polish law.

The cheapest and most popular thermal insulation material, which will serve for many years, is polystyrene, expertly called polystyrene. It can be used in buildings with straight walls up to a height of 25 meters. It has very good thermal insulation properties, is non-sequeaky and light, so it does not overburden the structure of the building. It is found in white, graphite and Dalmatian versions, which differ in lambda coefficient. One of the varieties of polystyrene is extruded polystyrene so-called, XPS - is a very hard material, characterized by greater thermal insulation and resistance to moisture. It works well, among other things, for insulation of foundations.

Mineral wool also has excellent thermal insulation properties. This material is also characterized by elasticity, is non-flammable, fireproof and vapour-permeable. It also provides acoustic comfort and damming vibrations well. Great for insulation of exterior and interior walls, but also roofs, attic and floors and skeletal structures. It is available in the form of mats and plates.

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