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Products for the insulation of buildings of a recognized national manufacturer of polystyrene and building chemistry.

The choice of suitable materials for warming your building can raise a lot of doubts. Our warehouse with scoop materials Arsanit the place you are looking for. The Polish company, which has already won many awards as a trustworthy manufacturer, has created innovative products in its own laboratory for the functional and visually avant-garde warming of each building.

Our shop presents the best building materials Arsanit such as: adhesive Arsanit, primer Arsanit, plaster Arsanit, polystyrene Arsanit. The combination of all available products guarantees the highest quality of insulation of buildings. Used adhesives and primers on properly produced styrofoam will protect the building from heat loss, moisture and immunization of the interior from mold or fungi, and in addition, will allow for permanent placement on the walls of decorative plaster. Among them to choose traditional and machine plasters.

The products of THERMA+ insulation systems have been perfectly refined by specialists in the field of construction chemistry, who since 2002 care about their highest quality. The Arsanit Store is a unique proposal for choosing insulation materials for individuals, businesses and companies. The right choice of ingredients for adhesives, land and plasters provide not only a long-standing beautiful appearance of the façade, but also ease in their application.

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