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Building insulation is one of the most important elements of the formation of any building. It is the correct materials made and properly selected that cause us to avoid many unpleasant situations, such as, too fast heat loss, high heating costs, and most importantly, that there will be no moisture in our building. There are many ways to warm the building, and each of them requires the use of professional and proven materials.

Our shop presents you with a large selection of materials related to the collection works. Among the assortment there are such items as: adhesives, soils, plasters, reinforcing nets, polystyrene, bucket film and much more. The start of work begins with the foundations themselves. It is there that the bucket film should be planted first, which will make the foundations, and then the walls will not be drawn into moisture. It is the most important and first element of the work for the proper functioning of the whole building.

The next stage is the choice of glue for polystyrene. This is obvious. Most projects already have a fixed polystyrene thickness. We recommend an assortment of the best manufacturers such CERESIT, KABE, WEBER and Arsanit the quality of the main warming is as good as possible. We also present a selection of adhesives, which in a quick and easy way will allow you to place polystyrene on the main walls. Once your façade is halfway there, the next stage will be the reinforcement nets, which will also be sunk in the right glue. Thanks to them, the plaster does not crack, does not crumble, is uniform and strengthens the entire façade structure.

Our shop offers adhesives that are resistant to weather, antifungal and non-absorbing water, which is very important. Of course, before painting the entire façade or applying a structure to it, you need to stock up on the right ground, which will keep the chosen type of decorative on the walls for many years. All this will be done by yourself with the help of our assortment, the best companies and at the best price.

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