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Arsanit is a national company specializing in the production of more than 70 types of chemicals used in the construction industry. These include downpour plasters, paints or complete insulation systems based on styrofoam or mineral wool. The company has developed significantly in the last almost twenty years and has joined the leading manufacturers of building chemistry. This was made possible by an attitude towards providing economical, but guaranteeing high quality and durability of products such as primer, ceramic tile adhesives or machine plasters highly appreciated by customers.

The Arsanit in its own research center prepares innovative solutions that allow to improve building materials and facilitate the work related to their assembly. The manufacturer takes care of the high quality of his goods by complying with strict standards, choosing the right raw materials and implementing the latest production technologies.

The company's products are used, inter alia, in the creation of residential settlements, single-family houses, commercial facilities and buildings of an industrial nature. Customers can count on the satisfactory effect achieved by using durable, efficient and economical goods every time. It's also a big advantage.

One of the main activities of the company is the supply of ready-made warming systems from the Therma family. It is a comprehensive product entirely designed, made and created by Arsanit, allowing you to upgrade existing warming or create completely new installations. The versatility of this solution allows for complete and successful warming of virtually any object, regardless of its shape, age or technical condition.

Using the products of this proven brand is not only faster, more convenient and easier to work with. It is also a lasting result achieved thanks to the use of modern materials developed and made by a Polish company valued in many European markets.