List of products sorted by brand ATLAS

The Łódź-based company ATLAS is a well-known manufacturer of widely understood construction chemicals at home and abroad. For more than 25 years it has been producing high quality products such as adhesives, fillers, grouts and mortars. For their production, the company uses the latest technological solutions, a modern machine park and the knowledge and skills of highly qualified staff. The company is also not afraid to invest time and money in creating new technologies in its development and research center.

All products available on the market with the ATLASlogo, are distinguished by excellent properties such as performance, opacity or durability. This manufacturer's building materials are successfully used both by professional contractors, carrying out huge and costly investments, as well as by individuals carrying out home renovations.

In the interests of the environmental impact of its products, the company conducts a number of tests, tests and analyses of each substance produced. Adhesives, mortars or other products are safe for humans and animals, do not cause irritation and allergies. Therefore, they can be used to build, renovate and finish the premises where they will be staying, e.g. children.

The company is constantly expanding its product range with new and innovative preparations to facilitate work and minimize problems that can be encountered during construction work. An example of this is the grouts offered in many colors, which allows them to be perfectly matched to the color scheme of the finished bathroom or other room. The products of ATLAS brand are characterized by resistance to moisture, mold and fungi.

The use of ATLAS products makes it possible to make significant savings due to their efficiency and the availability of packaging in many sizes. Training courses focusing on improving professional skills and enabling them to get acquainted with the latest products, their application and the opportunities they create are organised for construction professionals.