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Blachodach is a sensational company that has been operating on our market for more than 25 years. With many years of sales experience, robustness and reliability, our blachodachare used in many homes and apartments. Customers appreciate the quality of our products.

Our extremely rich experience means that there are no difficult orders for us.

Blachodachthe products we produce meet all applicable European standards. They are also in accordance with Polish construction law, therefore, when deciding on our offer, you receive guarantees of choosing the best supplier. We focus on individual solutions, based on the needs of our customers.

The material from which we produce blachodachproducts comes from the largest and best suppliers in Europe. These excellent metallurgical products meet even the most difficult production standards.

It is also worth noting that we are constantly expanding our offer and taking care to offer you the best solutions. We respond to the current needs of the market – both qualitatively and technically. Our products are characterized by very good quality, which goes hand in hand with an extremely attractive price. We prove that perfect, well-matched blachodachdo not have to be expensive and difficult to access. We approach each of the orders placed very individually, so you can be sure that we will meet all expectations and proyour needs, and at the same time we will offer great, extremely innovative solutions for your place.

  • BlachodachBINGO


    Blachodachbingo is one of the most popular blachodachavailable in the company's Blachodach.
    It is characterized by calm and subdued shapes.
    It is recommended for residential buildings,
    as well as public facilities, restaurants, hotels or guesthouses.
    The BINGO model has been produced continuously for 14 years.

  • BlachodachSONATA


    The classic ceramic tile has always been a model for blachodachmakers.
    The answer to these aspirations is a formula called SONATA.

    Sonata's high profile and classic appearance creates a unique and exclusive character.
    The modern sonata production line gives the possibility of stamping modules with a length of 35 and 40 cm.
    SONATA is a tile for a demanding customer who appreciates classics and expressive line.

  • BlachodachSWING


    SWING - wyrafinowa, elegant.
    Ideal for covering noble, classic buildings.

    SWING enjoys wide customer acclaim.
    High profile and deep crease
    create a distinct, elegant structure dedicated to customers with sophisticated requirements.

    SWING is an ideal solution
    to cover both residential buildings,
    as well as public housing.

  • BlachodachTWIST


    BlachodachTWIST is a product with a delicate, subtle yet expressive shape.

    It is a classic profile of the roof sheet, perfectly reproducing the traditional tile,
    quality and aesthetics of the roof.
    The mating surface is up to 1140 mm, which, while maintaining high-quality stamping, provides a very
    economic result.

  • Roof panel for standing hem


    The standing hem roof panel is a combination of tradition and modernity.
    Due to its age-old appearance, it is recommended especially for projects covered by conservation care.
    Nevertheless, thanks to ease of installation, high aesthetics, as well as high strength,
    popular with owners of modern buildings.





    The ECO+ equipment system is used
    mainly on residential buildings.
    Machining is produced on professional,
    fully computerised German machines,
    guarantees 100% repeatability of products.
    The entire production process is supervised by high



    Vaxo L three-layer roof membrane with MDM GHB logo