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Vandex - a well-known brand in waterproofing concrete as well as waterproofing balconies.

Vandex is an international sign of professional construction chemistry. Designed for waterproofing and renovation of buildings, as well as protection and repair of concrete.

Vandex provides innovative yet simple solutions for maintaining a dry and safe structure. Our materials block chemical attacks even in the most demanding environments such as industry, drinking water construction and wastewater treatment plants.

Vandex is an organization that supports its products through innovation, know-how, experience and strong motivation. Relevant research, testing and engineering development add significant value to the basic characteristics of Vandex.

For us, the priority is to respond to customer requirements in terms of products, systems and technical advice that will ensure customer satisfaction. Technical services Vandex aimed at users, designers and executive companies, are designed to ensure the highest degree of customer satisfaction. We offer training and consulting on-site applications or at the company premises.