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The Kabe is a recognized manufacturer of construction products. The Swiss production company has been operating on the Polish market since 1995. Many years of experience and expertise have made them a well-deserved reputation in the construction industry. Thanks to the acquired experience and research achievements, we can afford to constantly expand the modern offer of building chemistry.

Our company is a forerunner in the field of mineral products technology, which are based on low-alicalyc potassium water glass. The innovative technology of polysilicolic products for building facades has made our range modern products of the new generation. We make every effort to ensure that the offered products are durable and serve you for years. Our building articles are aimed at executive companies, architects, interior decorators, historic preservationists, designers and individuals.

In our assortment you will find products for interior finishing and materials used outdoors, for the façade of buildings. We offer high quality plastering masses, paints, insulation systems, repair and façade systems, as well as other products, necessary in the construction and decorating industry. Our company also offers 4 Therm KABE systems, which are innovative and meet the needs of the market and have European Technical Approval - ETA. They will meet all the necessary technical and construction requirements.

Swiss quality, easy application and simple availability have made the offered products enjoy the recognition and trust of customers. All our products meet the required standards, which are required by international standards of Quality Management and Environmental Management - ISO 14001.

We guarantee that the standards that we have implemented into the production process are reliably implemented in our companies and are subject to an ongoing inspection process. Our company is a reliable and reliable manufacturer, which focuses on high quality and satisfaction of its customers.