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Plastmo Polska Sp. z o.o. is an excellent company that has been engaged in the discharge of rainwater from various types of construction works for more than twenty years.

We were the first to propose sensational and extremely effective solutions for a complete installation that aims to drain rainwater from roofs. I don't think we need to prove to you that this was a real technological revolution? Our operation very quickly initiated changes in the technology of making coverings and gutter installations. Our great project has led to huge changes in market organisation. The changes had the greatest impact on investors and roofers who had not previously encountered such innovative solutions.

PLASTMO Poland is a true pioneer in this field – it was this company that trained the assemblers and installers of the unique system.

It is also worth mentioning that the Academy of Roofing Art was established, which was completed by several thousand roofers. (1995)

But that's not the end of the job. Technologists from PLASTMO Poland are still working on various new solutions aimed at improving the effectiveness of systems. We also care about improving the ease of installation, practicality of selected systems, their aesthetics, as well as the environmental impact. We want our actions not to have a negative impact on the environment.

Our actions have not been left unswerving. Over the course of twenty years, we have won various awards , including the European Medal, which is an extremely luxurious award. It is awarded by the European Integration Committee and is reserved for those products that meet all the highest quality standards.