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The PANELTECH has been a major producer of polystyrene on the market for several years. It is produced on a modern and efficient production line, which makes our product competitive both in terms of quality and price.

  • Quality orientation
    • We put maximum effort and commitment into the execution of each product or service. We want to create a product that fully meets the requirements of our client;
    • Our products are manufactured on the basis of modern technologies and quality management system ISO 9001:2000;
    • We use high-end materials and raw materials from reputable domestic and foreign suppliers;
    • Our priorities are durability, functionality and aesthetics.

PANELTECH is one of the leaders among polystyrene producers. Many years of experience in the production and distribution of products in this category have translated into advanced production technologies, high quality of workmanship and professional service of individual and business customers.

PANELTECH is a company that cares about the needs of its customers, listens to their suggestions and adapts the product to all these requirements. An additional determinant is the attitude towards high quality, which in the face of materials used in construction is of particular importance. Polystyrene PANELTECH is based on advanced quality management systems, thanks to which it meets all design requirements, has the appropriate certificates, as well as has a unique technical specification.

The priority of PANELTECH are in this case high-quality materials that provide not only high functionality, but also durability counted over the years. Here again it is worth noting the fact that building materials such as polystyrene are assembled once every dozen or even decades. This is why it is particularly important that there is no need to replace after too short a time.

The panels are made of expanded polystyrene and will be used m.in. in wall, exterior and multilayer insulation, wreaths, formwork, pyjaves, edgings, or various types of slabs. Polystyrene slabs with different heat transfer coefficients are available, so we are confident that the right version will be selected. We sell the plates in standard sizes of 500 mm by 1000 mm, but it is also possible to order plates for size. We offer straight or milled edges. It is worth mentioning the high tensile strength, which is characterized by each plate PANELTECH. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of polystyrene panels of the PANELTECHbrand, which will ensure high quality of workmanship, aesthetics at the required level, as well as durability for years.