Wood screws

We offer you a wide range of wood screws. These are essential elements in many construction, renovation and assembly works. They allow you to combine wooden and wood-like structures. The wood screws available in our shop have different diameters and lengths and type of threading of the shaft. It is also possible to choose the shape of the head of the screw - the most popular are tapered and cylindrical heads - and the type of notches and tips. Depending on the purpose of the fasteners, you will be able to choose screws that will allow efficient and fast installation of boards, boards, hinges or furniture. Screws with a conical head are best suited when it is necessary to hide the head of the screw as much as possible (hinges, boards), while the head more convex (but flat at the point of contact with the material into which it is screwed), will allow you to perfectly press the combined structures together. Another parameter that differs from one wood screw is the type of coating. The material from which they are made determines the class of their resistance to corrosion and adverse weather conditions. The most popular are screws made of galvanized ordinary steel. Phosphate (phosphate) steel is more rust-resistant, ideal for example when connecting g-k plates. Stainless steel screws, on the other hand, will work well for wooden structures exposed to frequent contact with water, as they are completely resistant to corrosion. Our products come from proven manufacturers, so the highest quality is guaranteed. They are also subject to rigorous checks at each stage of production and meet all required standards.


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