Dispersion paints are characterized by exceptional performance and durability, which is why they have found their place in our store as well. They are made of water-diluted resin, making them part of ecological paints. They are mainly used for covering walls and ceilings regardless of the basic substrate. They are ideal for the first painting of the surface, as well as its renovation. The adhesion of dispersion paints allows for perfect coverage of previous layers of other paints even with a thin layer, which is why they have also received recommendations when renovating the façade of buildings. Dispersion paints have one very important advantage. They are extremely resistant not only to mechanical damage, but also to moisture. This allows for fantastic and long-lasting finishing effects of bathrooms, kitchen spaces and other places exposed to evaporation and humidity. They are very easy to keep clean, so it is worth using them in corridors or children's rooms, where the walls are exposed to more dirt. Another advantage is the color gamut. If you choose paint from a stencil, we are always sure that when the ordered quantity is too small, we will get the same color at the next purchase. The technology has allowed the creation of innovative eco-dispersion paints that are easier to apply, less prone to damage and dirt absorption, do not have a sharp odor and will cool for less time. They can be applied with the help of a roller and brush, as well as a spray method. They can be used for all surfaces except limestone. They will cover with a durable color not only regips walls, but also plaster, stone, concrete, wood and plastics. Of course, all this in your favor. The value for money shown in our store is extremely favorable. With us you will find only selected products of the best companies, which are characterized by high pigmentation. This allows you to achieve satisfactory results at the first opacity.


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