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For wood and metal

Śnieżka Supermal is a versatile innovative product line designed for the renovation of wooden and metal surfaces. Tested through many tests, she passed the exam both indoors and outdoors. Its formula allows for perfect coverage of wood and wood-like materials. It also covers metal surfaces, regardless of type. Metal paints and wood paints presented by our shop are liquid dense oil-phthal emals. This means that during production it uses resin compounds, which by far show the greatest resistance to water, atmospheric factors, as well as disinfectants for everyday use. At the same time, it is difficult to ignite. Oil-phthalate paint belongs to a subgroup of alkaid paints, which is distinguished by its high dilution and elasticity, resulting in a stunning image. Śnieżka Supermal service meets all the requirements in public buildings such as hospitals, schools and offices. Provides a long-lasting aesthetic finish with gloss. The oil contained in it makes it achieve exceptional immune properties when applied and bound to oxygen. Before applying the paint, you need to solidly prepare the painted surface. Subsequent layers can not be too thick, and each of them should be applied no earlier than after 24 hours. Śnieżka wood and metal material has a mild odor that allows normal operation and facilitates renovation work. It can be painted with rollers, brush, but also spray method. The 1 l can allows you to paint up to 20 m2 depending on the type of material. In practice, it is very efficient. Universal paint comes in 37 durable, vivid colors, of which we offer you the most widely used on all surfaces white, gray and brown color. Our shop presents you with wood paints and metal paints from the well-known and renowned company Śnieżka with a variety of colors, with a matte finish in comfortable cans of different capacities.


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