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If you are looking for an idea for a makeover or a refreshment of the façade of the building, we encourage you to review our category dedicated entirely to professional paints for covering the external walls. The location on the façade of an additional layer in the form of paint can easily and quickly change the appearance of the front of a detached house or service facility. The materials that we especially recommend in this case come from the Silesian manufacturer KABE. It is a Polish brand that is gaining increasing recognition on the finishing market and is famous for the excellent quality of its products.

Elevator paints KABE, like other materials from this manufacturer, are characterized by high quality and guarantee excellent wall coverage. The painted surface becomes resistant to sun, wind, rain and other precipitation. Walls covered with KABE will not change their appearance or properties under the influence of large temperature fluctuations. They will also protect the façade from the appearance of unsightly algae and fungi. Enamel will also work well for buildings undergoing renovation, including monuments.

In our store there are paints KABE with different properties. Acrylic preparations are characterized primarily by high resistance to dirt - a wall covered with such enale can be cleaned with a brush or sponge. Silicone emulsion, which is formed on the basis of silicone resin, belongs to the most modern types of elevator preparations. Its microporive structure has hydrophobic properties, which means that it does not pass moisture and provides great protection of the outer wall from moisture. Also noteworthy and recommended are polysilisate emulsions of the KABEbrand, which are easy to apply and retain an impeccable appearance for a long time. Low-alkaline emals can be used on mineral substrates without fear. All these types of preparations have a good opacity and provide an aesthetic finish to the façade.

There are also different shades of paints KABE, which can be matched to the color scheme in which the building is maintained. We also recommend visiting our other subpages, where you will find products from proven finishing manufacturers.


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