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Putty masses

Fillers are all kinds of preparations used during finishing or repair work. These products are very widely used, because they can be used to replenish caved and smooth the surfaces of walls or ceilings, as well as to make finish plaids.

For work related to the equalization of inequalities and the reduction of cavities, all kinds of putty plasters are most often used. They are often referred to as bases because they form the first layer of finish of a given surface. They allow you to create a relatively thick layer, up to 5-6 mm thick, so they can be applied to a substrate requiring significant interference. Preparation of the mortar consists in mixing the dry product with the measured amount of cold and clean water. After applying the mass, wait for the product to dry completely and harden before proceeding with the next stages of work.

Putty masses used for making plaiers are available on the market in several varieties. It is possible to use a dry mixture for self-preparation or wet weight, which is ready to apply immediately after opening the package. The first must be mixed very well with water to create a uniform mass, free of lumps and other impurities. They allow you to create a thin layer that corrects unevenness and gives the desired smoothness.

On the other hand, finished masses, which are made on the basis of resins, are characterized by high plasticity and adhesion to the substrate. They are mainly used as the last layer, giving the surface the final shape. In order for each type of putty to be applied correctly, the instructions supplied with the package must be followed. It is also important to use appropriate tools so that the layer applied is characterized by the correct consistency, opacity and the desired thickness. Possible adjustments in the final form can be made by grinding the sanded surface.


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